Outdoor Extension Leads

Here at J&M Electrical we manufacture IP66 Rated Outdoor extension leads for all your requirements.

We can offer lengths of cable from 1 Metre to 25 Metre, and with choices of 1 Gang (Single) Socket, 2 Gang (Double) Socket, 2 Gang RCD Protected Socket, and 1 Gang Timer Controlled Socket.

These can be made with a 13A 3 Pin Plug, or a 16A Blue Plug suitable for applications such as Caravan hook ups, generators, industrial sockets.

We can make the item with 1.5mm Black 3 Core 3183Y Flex, 1.5mm Blue 3 Core 3183AG Arctic Grade Flex.

All our items are wired and ready to use, and tested once manufactured.

Our sockets all meet BS 1363-2 Standards, Are fully IP66 Rated, Can be wall mounted and can be padlocked for extra security.

Waterproof and Dust proof whilst in use, the socket can accommodate any standard UK Plugtop with the lid fully closed and sealed.

Easy to open clips, and a robust design mean this socket will last years and stand all environments faced with.

You can purchase these products from our online store, or find them on our Amazon & Ebay stores.