LED Lighting

LED lighting can be a minefield, knowing what product to choose, which Lumen (lm) Wattage (W) and Colour Temperature (K) are just a few of the problems you may face when looking to retrofit or add new lighting to your home or office.

With huge savings in electricity to be made, along with longer lasting lamps and fittings, LED can have a huge positive impact on your home or business.

Here at J&M Electrical we can help resolve any issues you may have, provide information, give demonstrations and provide solutions to your LED requirements.

We carry a range of LED lamps, from household bulbs & downlighters to industrial floodlights and highbay lighting.

If you are looking for that wow factor in your kitchen or bathroom, want stylish outdoor lighting, or just everyday lamps we are sure to have the right solution for you.

We deal with a wide range of established manufactures such as,

ELD Lighting, Kosnic, Lumineux, Megaman, Saxby Lighting, V-TAC and many more.

If you are looking for any particular product, or require any help with LED Lighting, please get in contact with us.